hi, hello!

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Wife. Saved by Grace. Dog lover. Morning person. Always looking for a farmers' market. Loves the smell of campfires and pine. Laughs at inapropriate times. Too short to reach anything. Desiring to be at the top of a mountain right now. Nurse. 



Dog-child. Eager to cuddle at all times. Hobbies include looking out the window and ripping apart toys. Loves peanut butter. Will probably lick you on the mouth. Teddie Graham look-alike. 



Husband. Follower of Jesus. Expert at quoting The Office. Lover of all things outdoors. Seeking a long trail to hike, a good book to read, and a large rock to climb. Wannabe bourbon connoisseur. Works with college ministry at Indiana University.

We're Alex and Jake! We are high school sweethearts (and bffs) who married in May of 2017. Since then, we have firmly believed that marriage is one of the greatest gifts ever given. We will take any chance we get to celebrate marriage and serve couples in the form of capturing moments you will cherish for all the days. We know that life is filled with all sorts of moments that are often too quickly forgotten. Our passion is to freeze these moments in time. We like feelings and moods, and stray from poses and formalities. We hope our work inspires and serves you. 

Based in Indiana. Happy to jump on a plane to anywhere.